“At my last appointment on Thursday, October 20 2016, I was walking with a walker. I felt terrible, in severe pain, extremely depressed and frightened. I listened to your recommendations and followed through. I knew that if anyone could get me out of that situation it was you. I have the utmost confidence in your medical expertise.

Today, November 1, 2016, I am doing so much better. I am walking with a cane and completing various tasks around the house. Many times I think of what you say and this is, “If you don’t want to loose it, you had better use it”. I remember that, and although a task may seem somewhat difficult at the time – I think to myself  “Well maybe if I do it this time, the next time it may be easier to accomplish.”

I want to thank you for your hard work and tremendous advancements that you have contributed to the treatment of this disease. Thanks to you, and people like you, who have formulated (and had passed through the FDA) medications that are effective and can half the progression of MS.

You are truly a blessing to your patients with your knowledge in the field of MS and especially your sincere dedication to treatment in this field.”

— Jan B.